Resist Much / Obey Little: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance

Resist Much / Obey Little

Resist Much / Obey Little. 50% of net sales donated to Planned Parenthood

“we can’t build a wall. we can only spout pure water again and again and drown his lies.” –Eileen Myles

RESIST MUCH/OBEY LITTLE: Poems to the Resistance, Dispatch Editions 2017. 

“This anthology represents a model for activism and mobility in a time of political emergency.” –Review by Dante Di Stefano, Resist Much / Obey Little at Best American Poetry.

Michael Boughn and Kent Johnson brought together eighteen editors from diverse aesthetic and cultural backgrounds to solicit and curate the work of more than 350 poets in roughly two months. Boughn and Johnson note in their introduction essay “Poetry and Resistance,” the book “is first and foremost a collective, insurgent call that is part and parcel of a sovereign people’s challenge to a narcissistic oligarch and his lackeys, who smirk now from their temporary perches of power. Its pages are bound in direct, literal ways, to the historic worldwide marches of January 22nd—and they stand as evidence that the vast majority of American poets (and artists and writers of all kind) revile the new reactionary dispensation.”

I contributed two poems to Resist Much / Obey Little: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance:

“Nobly Obstinate” after William Wordsworth


“#Sanctuary,” originally published January 11, 2017 in The Rumpus Inaugural Poems

I wrote both poems in residency as a Mid Atlantic Arts Creative Fellow at The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in December 2016.

50% of all net sales receipts donated to Planned Parenthood! Please join the fight to support a woman’s sovereignty over her body, and deliver affordable, accessible health care to women. Buy Here.

“Poets are summoned to a stronger imagination of language and humanity in a time of new and radical Weathers. White House Inc. is the last gasp of the dying Confederacy. Open the book of love and resistance. Don’t tarry!” –-Anne Waldman