Yes to poetry books! joining YesYes Books

I am happy to announce I’ve joined YesYes Books, an independent publisher of poetry books & the journal Vinyl Poetry, as an Assistant Editor in Book Development, focusing on eBook development & distribution.

Right now, I am researching the collection development landscape of public and school libraries, where development involves the acquisition of poetry and eBooks. That particular landscape undergoes an earthquake a week, followed by rapidly rebuilt skylines. I will also work with Rob MacDonald and publisher KMA Sullivan on furthering a wonderful project: E.P.I.C.–teams of poets in the schools, right where they’re needed!

This independent press is driven by a stellar group of creative people Sullivan has been gathering together over the past four years to promote poets, poetry, and poetry-in-education–by designing beautiful books that offer compelling work. YesYes is committed to social justice and educational outreach and the relationship between poet and artist. And to promoting authors in the known ways–reading tours, elegant website, all manner of love–as well as by jumping into the eBook terra incognita with both feet. You can check out news from YesYes Books and an interview with founding editors at iO Poetry. Vinyl Poetry has work featured by 2012 Best of the Net. I am excited to offer my creative energy, and I am looking forward to learning a lot in return. Thanks for your confidence, YesYes!

[“American Poem” is from The Blue Teratorn by Dorothea Lasky, published by YesYes Books. Artwork by Kaori Mitsushima.]

Boyishly: poems

Cover by Eleanor Bennett: Boyishly (YesYes Books, 2013) by Tanya Olson