Poems Online

S E L E C T   P O E M S

“Tanaga: Song Where Every Filipinx Person Is Standing by the Ocean,” Poetry 

“Theodore Roosevelt, Asshole,” Asian American Literary Review Book of Curses

Do Not Insult My Intelligence,”  Poets Artists: WTF at West Palm Beach

“Love Song as Field Notes,” Vallum Magazine

“History Textbook, America,” Poetry Out Loud and Best New Poets

“In the Stirrups,” Poemeleon 

“#sanctuary,” The Rumpus

“LimoĢn Homage,” RHINO

“Brandywine Creek Preambles,” Academy of American Poets

Swing,” “Sweeping Statement,” & “My Mother’s Whereabouts,” Sundress The Wardrobe

Death Among the Thistles,” Verse Daily

“Frac/tions,” Beltway Poetry Quarterly

Five poems, Connotation Press

Four poems, Our Own Voice

“Story I Learn at 49,” MiPoesias (page 8)

“Winter Pond with Armando,” Lantern Review

“The Blue Spotted Salamander,” Kweli Journal

“Comfort, Cape Henlopen,” Verse Daily

“Your Heart and How It Works,”  DIAGRAM

“Words for House Story,”  Salt Hill Journal