Words for House Story

celebrates the house of our longings, our memory and our hopes. That house is filled

with real people, imperfect, living among frogs, herons, and muskrats, watching the moon and stars, not for a sign, but as emblems of what we are: watchers together. The poems are taut, poignant with love, the raw trouble of love and of families. They go unflinchingly into the hollows and find all the light that’s filtering in.                          —Fleda Brown, author of No Need of Sympathy

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The Blue Spotted Salamander

Your Heart and How It Works

Delaware Art Museum

Death among the Thistles

—wood engraving by Leonard Baskin

Out here in this leggy light

the real is trashy, luminous

altogether arbitrary

like the moon a collision

threw at our meaning

of beauty, sinking

 like the face of a love one

whose dark secret bristles

temper November

a shade of purple I can only call

a truce with the sky

and its endless ghosts

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Balingit’s poems capture what it’s like to be outside in nature, and what it’s like to be vulnerable, to love, to fear—to be fully human. Her craft both sings and is as precise as a diamond cutter’s. One gasps over and over at where each poem goes, through humor, heartbreak and startling observation. The surprises here are many. One comes away with a sense of gratitude and wonder at what writing can do. —Alice Elliott Dark, author of In the Gloaming

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Published by WordTech Editions. ISBN 978-1625490285. Softcover, 6×9, 80 pages.                 Cover artwork: Jesus & Joan by Ananda Balingit-LeFils.